125 desperate families given food for one month due to GDS support

Again our amazing team in Gorkha have worked wonders. They requested funds to supply food to 62 families in acute poverty due to covid, we provided funds for 82 families but they have in fact managed to distribute food to 125 families and we thank them all for their efforts and humanity. Below is letter received from Gorkha.

Thank you Linda 

Dear all GDS-UK team.

Here we have distributed food parcel for 125 families containing the food items of cost NRs 2600/- for each families on Monday. Being other more starved families recommended by Municipal authorities we increased the numbers of striken families with the consultation of mayor. The mayor of Gorkha Municipality and  a journalist were with us to cooperate our works the whole day.  The mayor thanked GODHEDS and GDS-UK expressing his gratitude to Linda , Gita, Amir and concerned others for the humanitarian services during pandemic period.