14 children presented with scholarship programme from Mr and Mrs Hook

Mahendra Mr Hook Presentation (5)

In a recent Anniversary celebration held at the Shee Mahendra Jyoti School, Headmaster Laxman Acharya and Secretary of the Gorkha committee were able to present the 14 children with one year scholarships funded by Mr and Mrs Hook of Colchester, Essex. One girl and one boy from years 7 – 12 ( age 11 to 17) who showed potential but financial struggle, were selected to gain from this fantastic and generous offer of annual support. Uniforms, bags and shoes for the younger children, additional tutoring for others (£30.00 each) and tutoring and books for years 11 and 12 (£60.00 each) will allow the children to reach their potential and hopefully result in them progressing to college and so enhance their futures in the continuing difficult times in Nepal.