Oxygen Concentrators arrive in Gorkha

The GDHEDS committee in Gorkha worked so hard as a team with full discussions and contacting suppliers to try to obtain a good price for the Oxygen concentrators required. With demand high prices up to 3 times normal were sometimes stated. In the UK GDS agreed to fund £5,000 in one lump payment for covid emergency and transferred the money to Nepal directly.

As travel is not currently allowed, special permission was sought and Laxman traveled to Kathmandu with vehicle and driver to purchase the items and bargained well to obtain a really good price. Alll receipts have been provided for transparency. Laxman returned to Gorkha exhausted but delighted with boxed items which will help save the lives of many local people.

The oxygen concentrators as they arrived in Gorkha with GDHEDS Chair Ram Chandra and Vice Chair Laxman who sought special permission to travel to Kathmandu to collect for Gorkha Hospital