SIX Children Sponsored from Writtle WI members

Following Lin’s presentation to Writtle WI giving an introduction to Nepal and the running of GDS as a charity, we are thrilled to have received donations to enable SIX children to be sponsored through our sponsorship programme.  Ladies took away details on how to sponsor a child, completed the form and returned to Lin, made a payment and now all is in place to sponsor children through the coming school year which starts in April.

Thanks so much for the great interest shown by the group and the offers to support what we do. It  shows too how easy it is to sponsor a child – just check out more details online. How to Sponsor a child

Current children sponsored – ALL lost their homes in the earthquake.

Costs for one year – just £30.00 for up to class 10, £60 for ‘A’Level equivalent and now £150 for BSc student at the Gorkha Campus too .

The teachers make the selection from the brightest children who show the most dedication to studies, but are from the poorest background and without help would not continue at school.