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Funds – over £300 raised amid Covid

Though lockdowns have remained in the UK and Nepal as with most of the world, donations have kindly continued via friends of GDS. These will be even more valued as the poorest in Gorkha will no doubt be suffering greatest hardship. Jill donated £100 from a talk held in March, Shelia £60 school sponsorship, Jean raised summer bedding plants and with Garden Centres closed they have all been sold raising £98 plus Lin continues to sell plants and donated terracotta pots.


Gift Aid raises an additional £1,733

Gift Aid it! 

Our fundraising efforts always include the request that UK tax payers allow us to collect Gift Aid in addition to their donation.  This means that for every £1.00 given, we can receive an additional 25p and our recent claim to HMRC prepared by Treasurer Amir, has resulted in a fantastic £1,733 additional funds being made available for us to support projects in Gorkha.

As UK and Nepal both remain in lock-down for several more weeks and no doubt difficult times will remain around the world for a long time to come, we are fortunate that funds will still be available to continue and develop the projects that GDS already have in place.

All on hold in Gorkha

Ramji Rana/THT

Though we have more great news and updates on projects in Gorkha and fundraising in UK, one week has made such a difference to our world with UK lockdown and only 24 hours later, Nepal also in lockdown as is India. Though only 5 known cases of Coronavirus, the government made this big decision and strict restrictions apply to protect the nation which has little infrustructiure to deal with the effects of an outbreak. It is not easy for communities as pointed out in one paper ‘Social distancing is a privilege. It means you live in a house large enough to practise it. Hand washing is a privilege too. It means you have access to running water. Hand sanitisers are a privilege. It means you have money to buy them. Lockdowns are a privilege. It means you can afford to be at home’.

We can only hope for better news in UK and Nepal. Take care all.

Training of Teacher Trainers – Aidan and Laxman

When Joy first established GDS with Perusotum as Head Teacher, then there has been an aim to help develop teachers in rural government schools.  We have funded Teacher Training programmes but this was something different.

Laxman worked tirelessly with Linda and Aidan to arrange a three day workshop at the local education office in Gorkha. Local officials and headmasters were introduced to the programme and then 14 very experienced teachers shared experience and gained ideas from Aidans vast experience.  Aidans book ‘Better Classroom Better Learning’ which is written in both English and Nepali, was used as the basis for the programme.

A fantastic programme GDS are so proud to fund

66 ladies attend Women’s Heath programme in rural village

The Gorkha Women’s Association (GWA) once again organised a days meeting for village women of Nareswar to inform them about Women’s Health which GDS was able to fund. A Doctor from Gorkha hospital explained conditions which may cause problems and answered many questions in discussion. Though only 35 were expected the group was double that size and so the session had to be held outside!  A fantastic success. Dhal bhat ( curry) was served to encourage the ladies to attend and Caroline was also able to attend the session after an hours rough road journey to reach the village.