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Medical Elective Eamonn – read about his Gorkha experience —

Eamonn Foley, a Medical Student at Birmingham University, undertook his Medical Elective in Gorkha Hospital in the summer – the first Elective Placement through GDS since the earthquake disaster in 2015 when the hospital was damaged.
Eamonn commented – At the end of a busy 4 weeks, I prepared to leave Gorkha with great regret. The kindness shown to me by the Kathmandu Medical students, Sarita’s family and the whole local committee of GDHEDS was truly overwhelming. The perfect scenery and simpler way of life built around habit and routine was relaxing and a lovely change. I learnt a great deal about the importance of basic medical practice. The necessity of perfecting Histories and Examinations in the absent of diagnostic tests, and the just how greatly pain its perception and management can be altered by cultural beliefs.
Eamonn’s full report is available on GDS website.
We thank Eamonn for his valuable contributions and we welcome interest from other Medical Students who wish to share 4 – 6 weeks experience with the Gorkha community.  CONTACT GDS

OT Volunteer Katie Vaneker at Gorkha prison and helps in other projects

As a specialist in occupational therapy to aid prisoner rehabilitation, Katie spent time working with our gorkha team to develop ways in which to contribute to supporting prisoners and families. Bamboo stools (as seen) are currently made and sold with money going to families as there is no other family support system. There is now a possibility of doll making for the women and the loan of sewing machines for classes. Katie has found it a difficult challenge to work through the political layers and there may be obstacles to further involvement but she has certainly made every effort possible. As well as this Katie got involved in the school hygiene project, teacher training in rural area, English classes and now also time with disabled children and teacher. More detail will follow when she returns but thank you Katie for all efforts.

Katie Vanaker arrived in Gorkha as volunteer

Katie from Wrexham in Wales was recently awarded the Pearson Prize, choosing to travel to Nepal and use her wide ranging experience and occupational therapy skills. Katie has been welcomed by Ram Chandra and our committee in Gorkha, met the homestay and already left for the rural village of Barpak to join a 3 day Teacher Training Programme which GDS supports. Headmaster and committee member Laxman is leading the training and we know that Katie has  already found this a rewarding experience and enabled her to gain an understanding of the culture. She also took an impromptu english/games class to about 40 children!

We will keep you updated on her 3 week stay.

Medical Elective placement in Gorkha completed.

Eamonn Foley 4th year Medical student from Birmingham University has spent the last month in Gorkha working at the local hospital and also being involved in several of the GDS funded projects.

Eamonn was pleased to spend time with Nepali medical students from Kathmandu also working at the small government hospital so able to exchange a lot of experience.  The also worked closely with Eamonn and Sarita and joined several of the school hygiene projects which GDS funds. The basic hygiene lessons included helping the children understand how disease spreads.

We wait to hear more upon his return and will keep you posted.

Medical Elective Volunteer Eamonn now in Gorkha

We are very pleased to report that Eamonn Foley has been welcomed in Gorkha by the local committee and new Chairman Ram Chandra together with Perusotum and Laxman. Eamonn is our first UK medical student to spend an Elective Placement in Gorkha for some time and will spend 4 weeks working at the local Gorkha hospital and take part in on-going projects where possible. He has settled into home-stay accommodation and visited local school.

We are also pleased to report that he was able to witness the presentation of a cardiac monitor to Doctor Tiwari at the hospital which was funded through GDS and our fundraising efforts. The monitor will be used in the emergency area – basic equipment we take for granted but the first for this rural hospital.