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Rebecca Haigh ready to start her Medical Elective in Gorkha

Rebecca Haigh is a Medical Elective student studying at Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry and she has just arrived in Gorkha to take up her one month placement in the local Hospital.

Nathanial and RecceccaRebecca has met with members of the Gorkha Committee and also with previous volunteer Nathanial just before he finished his month stay. It is hoped Rebecca can also help teaching as the schools return soon from their summer break.

Three Medical Electives in Gorkha

Three medical students from Imperial College ,London are currently in Gorkha working at the hospital and getting involved in the community and school.  Katherine Kennet, Mathew Rinaldi and Thomas Phillips are living with host familes and each day doing ward rounds and clinics with the Doctor at the Gorkha Hospital. Though a couple of projects have been delayed they have been resourceful in finding alternative ways to help in the community which is much appreciated

Electives planned visit

Three medical students are planning to undertake their elective programmes in Gorkha in April 2013.  Arrangements are being made with the hospital and the senior Doctor to enable this programme to happen.  Arrangements are also being made with local residents fin Gorkha so that the students can stay in homes for their accomodation.