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Reindeer and fundraising at Limes Farm Shop

Reindeer bring in the crowds and thanks to Nick and Andy at the Limes Farm Shop, Burnham on Crouch, also bring in Donations to GDS to raise money for Childrens School jumpers – its winter there too, and they have no heating but many have no jumpers.
Great evening with so many children enjoying their first view of Santa and his sleigh and two of the reindeer before their busy time. Tea, cakes (thanks Jan and Gwen and Nicks friends), mulled wine and lots to buy including some Nepali pieces from Lin and reindeer flannels from Viv. Total raised for GDS £275.WOW
Thats nearly 100 jumpers
Thanks again to such great friends.

Buttsbury WI near Billericay help raise £146 for Gorkha

Linda Blunt presented her talk on Nepal plants, people and running a Charity to a lovely audience of 40 ladies to give an insight into Nepal and then the work of GDS.

With explanation of how funds can help children study, the group bought plants and gave generous donations which, together with speaker fees meant that enough was raised on the night to see one of the girls through two years of A level equivalent study ( £60 per year), plus enough to sponsor one other child of 8-16 for £30 per year.

Many thanks to Sue Stevens for organising the talk and to all the ladies for their support.

If you are in a social group in the Essex area and would be interested in having a speaker talking about Nepal and the charity then do contact us

Thank you

Congratulations and Thanks to Mr Hook – 97 today

Linda Blunt and former GDS volunteer Richard van Neste, recently spent a lovely day with our wonderful donors Ronald and Isabel Hook who continue to sponsor 14 children in Gorkha.

Mr Hook first helped GDS in the 1990’s after answering a call for help from Joy Leighton as she spoke on local Essex radio.  The former engineer helped with plans for water pumps in Gorkha and more recently the couple kindly offered to support children in school who have been selected by the teachers as most deserving, and who might otherwise have to leave school as their families are unable to fund them. 

For a number of years Ronald and Isabel have sponsored 14 children and they continue to take an interest in the school and the children’s studies.  They were therefore delighted to receive letters from Laxman, the Headmaster of Mahendra Jyoti School and were given updates and reports from Richard on the school sponsorship programme and recent Teacher Training events which Richard was involved in. More to follow on this.

Happy Birthday Mr Hook from all at GDS  

£2,000 worth of Medical equipment purchased to help save patients’ lives in Gorkha

FULL STORY GDS received requests from Doctors in Gorkha hospital for several pieces of emergency breathing equipment earlier this year.  We are so pleased to be able to confirm that two small units which provide a constant flow of oxygen to patients, as well as two suction machines and two nebulisers, have been purchased through funds raised by supporters in the UK.

Volunteer Richard was present to see the delivery of the equipment to the hospital and Naomi has since visited and seen the machines in use by patients. The Doctors of course so grateful for the immense help this provides for patient care.

For full story please see this link on the website


Meet the GDS Team

This is GDS – Amir, Geeta, Jan, Linda, Olivia, Zoe, Naomi

We had such a productive meeting of Trustees on Saturday with so much to report and we will enjoy passing on the project news in near future.

We were also thrilled to welcome Richard Van Este who has volunteered in Gorkha for four months through GDS.  He was presented with a Letter of Thanks by Joy Leighton, Founder and Patron of the charity.