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GDS Chair Linda Gorkha visit and progress

welcomed by Gorkha committee

Wonderful welcome back in Gorkha 21 years after 1st visit.Great hospitality by the GDHEDS committee and families. Very busy schedule of meetings,  visits to schools, hospital, and all we work and all really productive ensuring we help in areas where most needed.

Amazing trip to remote Barpak and Laprak  the epicenter of the 2015 earthquake where both towns were destroyed, Still being rebuilt as in Gorkha. Our involvement here likely to continue through funding Teacher Training to enhance the standard of the remote schools.

We now have opportunities to collaborate with local organisations and share skills and costs so GDS funds goes much further so a really positive time ahead. More detail to follow. Thanks again to everyone who continues to support GDS.


GDS attend BRANNGO conference in London

 Amir,  Zoe and Lin were pleased to attend the BRANNGO conference on Education in Nepal on 30th October.  The successful event was a place to meet members of other small charities and gain from the excellent presentations organised.  Current practices within education, the issues and how everyone can enable changes for the better was actively discussed.  With the new government still developing policies there remains uncertainty but key is the enhancement of teaching practice through developing better teachers, increasing quality in the classroom, ensuring access for all and developing a workforce which will remain in Nepal and develop their own very special country.

GDS involvement in small Teacher Training programmes in rural areas is an excellent example of raising standards of the very limited training current teachers receive. Thanks to Laxmans incredible efforts and energy and the involvement of volunteers this is an area we wish to progress.

If you are interested in teaching or being involved in Teacher Training in Nepal then do contact us.

Thanks to everyone who helped organise the day, took part and just do so much to help Nepal.

BRANNGO  (British and Nepal NGO Network) was launched earlier this year with the aim that the many small UK based charities working in Nepal can learn from each others experiences share good practice to enhance services provided to those most in need.

Volunteer Katie – report on rural Teacher Training Programme

Katie volunteered through GDS in the summer and has kindly sent a report in relation to her experience assisting in a rural teacher training programme. Barpak teacher training experience

Teacher training with Laxman

Katie is a specialist in Occupational Therapist in Prisons helping to enable rehabilitation through maintaining health and skills. Following discussions with the small prison in Gorkha, they agreed to Katie entering the prison to develop a programme. This Katie did with some excellent ideas which were checked and selected for the most appropriate and sustainable opportunities.  However, before being able to start the programme, a change of Governor at the prison rejected the proposals and so sadly Katie was not able to fulfill this programme.

Presented with a coloured bamboo stool made by prisoners.

Katie did however join Headmaster Laxman for 5 days helping with a Rural Teacher Programme which GDS support, and also helped in the school spending some time with disabled children.

Our thanks to Katie for managing through a difficult situation


Medical Elective Eamonn – read about his Gorkha experience —

Eamonn Foley, a Medical Student at Birmingham University, undertook his Medical Elective in Gorkha Hospital in the summer – the first Elective Placement through GDS since the earthquake disaster in 2015 when the hospital was damaged.
Eamonn commented – At the end of a busy 4 weeks, I prepared to leave Gorkha with great regret. The kindness shown to me by the Kathmandu Medical students, Sarita’s family and the whole local committee of GDHEDS was truly overwhelming. The perfect scenery and simpler way of life built around habit and routine was relaxing and a lovely change. I learnt a great deal about the importance of basic medical practice. The necessity of perfecting Histories and Examinations in the absent of diagnostic tests, and the just how greatly pain its perception and management can be altered by cultural beliefs.
Eamonn’s full report is available on GDS website.
We thank Eamonn for his valuable contributions and we welcome interest from other Medical Students who wish to share 4 – 6 weeks experience with the Gorkha community.  CONTACT GDS

The kindness of strangers

Earlier this year we were contacted through our website by Brian and Barbara from Rochford. They had traveled to Nepal in November 2008 and were interested in sponsoring 2 children through GDS.  They kindly donated £60 to sponsor 2 children for this year and since then have held a car boot sale, supported by family and friends they have raised £180 and sent a cheque to GDS – we are so surprised and thrilled. 
This will go to great causes and will help support Teacher Training for rural schools in the near future.
Our thanks to Brian and Barbara for their kindness and generosity.

Funding will be used for future Teacher Training in Rural Schools – such a successful programme and costs only a couple of hundred pounds for 3 days programme to 30 teachers.