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Covid Reaches Gorkha – GDS asked to fund oxygen supply

After 12 weeks of lock-down, Coronavirus is now spreading in Nepal largely due to workers in India returning across the border to their homes throughout Nepal. sadly 10 cases have now been confirmed in Gorkha and with limited resources GDS has been approached to help.  As a recent post shows, the hospital is still only half built so wards are in a range of nearby buildings.  In 2017 we were pleased to supply the hospital with 2 oxygen concentrates which is sufficient in normal times, but now our Gorkha committee are working with the hospital to supply additional tanks of oxygen and £1,000 has been made available from GDS to be used as seen fit to help COVID victims in the hospital.

Keep safe our Gorkha friends.

Volunteers Week – Thank You

Volunteering in Gorkha . This week is volunteer week and an opportunity to say THANK YOU to the many people who have helped GDS in some way over the past 32 years especially those who have traveled to Gorkha to give their time and share their skills with those in need and the local community. See reports from recent volunteers on our website

As GDS Trustees we all continue to volunteer our time and efforts – four of us having been former volunteers in Gorkha.  We must also say a massive THANK YOU to our Gorkha committee GDHEDS who also volunteer all their time and efforts to select and run all the projects and look after all those from overseas who offer to help those most in need. 

Gorkha Hospital development on hold

Last Spring we confirmed the ‘good news’ that Gorkha hospital was being demolished!  This was due to the damage caused by 2015 earthquake which had led to wards being moved into tents.  Progress on the new overseas funded hospital is great to see but as Nepal remains in lockdown due to Coronavirus then building has stopped and treatment is limited to nearby rooms converted into hospital wards. It is so far unclear how GDS can help in Gorkha in the near future but with certain increased poverty we wait for our local committee to assess needs.

With many thousands of Nepali returning across the border from India and elsewhere there remains concern re the containment of the virus which had to date remained low. Thoughts remain with our friends in Gorkha and elsewhere in Nepal.

Funds – over £300 raised amid Covid

Though lockdowns have remained in the UK and Nepal as with most of the world, donations have kindly continued via friends of GDS. These will be even more valued as the poorest in Gorkha will no doubt be suffering greatest hardship. Jill donated £100 from a talk held in March, Shelia £60 school sponsorship, Jean raised summer bedding plants and with Garden Centres closed they have all been sold raising £98 plus Lin continues to sell plants and donated terracotta pots.


Gift Aid raises an additional £1,733

Gift Aid it! 

Our fundraising efforts always include the request that UK tax payers allow us to collect Gift Aid in addition to their donation.  This means that for every £1.00 given, we can receive an additional 25p and our recent claim to HMRC prepared by Treasurer Amir, has resulted in a fantastic £1,733 additional funds being made available for us to support projects in Gorkha.

As UK and Nepal both remain in lock-down for several more weeks and no doubt difficult times will remain around the world for a long time to come, we are fortunate that funds will still be available to continue and develop the projects that GDS already have in place.