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GDS meetings by Zoom

The new way of working! With everything going on recently we are happy to say that GDS have been able to continue to meet and work together, albeit virtually!
Although we have not been able to travel to Nepal or have volunteers, there have still been things going on in the background, and decisions to make.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank Olivia who has decided to leave her role as a trustee due to other commitments. We want to thank her for all her involvement over the last few years and of course her excellent quiz hosting skills! We wish her all the best.

Dashain festival restrained due to covid

Nepalis are currently celebrating Dashain, the longest Hindu festival in Nepal. Dashain lasts 2 weeks and honors the goddess Durga and the victory of good over evil. Normally a time for family’s to come together, exchange gifts, and extravagant Pujas. Temporary swings are made of bamboo, and kites are seen flying in the sky. Dashain will be a little different this year, with some families unable to travel to each other, but we hope they can still have some form of celebration.
Our thoughts are with our friends and the communities we support in Gorkha.

Struggling to get education to the children

Can Nepal teach children in their homes if they have no radio, TV or internet?  Massive challenges to help reach the poorest as covid still too high a risk for schools to return.

Children have now returned to school in the UK though they of course face changes and no doubt challenges, but in Nepal there is still no prospect of schools being able to resume.  With Covid now in the wider community, risks remain high and the government therefore has to consider how to provide some education to all children and must first establish the limitations through a current survey.  Teachers will contact each child to understand their access to learning materials. Do they have – no access to any media, access to radio, access to TV, access to offline internet material, access to online internet material.  Though Nepal has gone through a rapid technological evolution in recent years, already it is clear that in the poorer government schools that GDS work with, the majority of families will have NO access to any radio, TV and internet, and with increasing loss of jobs this is likely to decline further.

We are linking with our committee members in Gorkha who include several working within education and will be here to help when called upon and will hope to support with funds when needed.

Newsletter 12

Please see our GDS Newsletter 12 to update you on:-
  • Covid in Gorkha – funding PPE and oxygen.
  • Teacher Training with Aiden and Laxman.
  • Women’s Health programme success.
  • Fundraising update – lots to report.
  • ACWW funding application.

Covid masks and furniture! – Sales for fundraising

Though fundraising for every charity will face challenges, we have recently been very lucky to raise money through sales of items large and small. Shelia has been busy making gorgeous cotton facemasks which we must now all wear, and Lin has been selling for GDS. Viv, Claire and Sarah of garden open fame asked us to dispose of their garden furniture sets needing attention and £200 has been raised. More plants have also been sold recently and jam making season means plenty for sale at next event – whenver that might be!