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Newsletter 12

Please see our GDS Newsletter 12 to update you on:-
  • Covid in Gorkha – funding PPE and oxygen.
  • Teacher Training with Aiden and Laxman.
  • Women’s Health programme success.
  • Fundraising update – lots to report.
  • ACWW funding application.

Covid masks and furniture! – Sales for fundraising

Though fundraising for every charity will face challenges, we have recently been very lucky to raise money through sales of items large and small. Shelia has been busy making gorgeous cotton facemasks which we must now all wear, and Lin has been selling for GDS. Viv, Claire and Sarah of garden open fame asked us to dispose of their garden furniture sets needing attention and £200 has been raised. More plants have also been sold recently and jam making season means plenty for sale at next event – whenver that might be!


Covid in Gorkha

After 3 months of lock-down covid has now spread throughout Nepal with 15,000 cases (3rd July) but thankfully low deaths of 32 to date. In Gorkha all unwell must go directly to hospital but none have been critically ill, Some nearby villages have been closed if cases found to reduce the spread but worrying times for everyone.
With businesses closed many have no work and no govt financial support as in the UK. There will undoubtedly be increased poverty and hardship and GDS will help when we can when requested, but our school sponsorship programme for example will be even more essential to help those most in need.

Gorkha Hospital development on hold

Last Spring we confirmed the ‘good news’ that Gorkha hospital was being demolished!  This was due to the damage caused by 2015 earthquake which had led to wards being moved into tents.  Progress on the new overseas funded hospital is great to see but as Nepal remains in lockdown due to Coronavirus then building has stopped and treatment is limited to nearby rooms converted into hospital wards. It is so far unclear how GDS can help in Gorkha in the near future but with certain increased poverty we wait for our local committee to assess needs.

With many thousands of Nepali returning across the border from India and elsewhere there remains concern re the containment of the virus which had to date remained low. Thoughts remain with our friends in Gorkha and elsewhere in Nepal.