School Sponsorship

Why Sponsor a Child?

Education remains a privilege in Nepal especially in rural communities.  Every child deserves the opportunity to achieve, and ensuring children gain access to education can help break the cycle of poverty for the poorest children and can have a direct impact on overall health and life expectancy.

The effect your sponsorship has on the community

Educated parents are in turn, more likely to see the value of education for their children so it works to build strong sustainable communities which in time no longer need our help.

GDS, along with your support can make a difference for these children and their community.

Sponsored children at Mahendra Jyoti 2017

Our successful sponsorship programme has been running for over 20 years. It doesn’t just provide a child with clothing and books but helps them recognise their ability and potential contribution to their community. We work with our local team in Gorkha to make this happen.





Trustee Lin at Sanari school with sponsored girl who was left homeless after the 2015 earthquakes.


Through GDS we currently sponsor 50 children in four schools in Gorkha District. Children are selected by    the teachers as those most dedicated and able, but needing assistance to ensure they can complete their schooling. Many of the children we support lost their homes in the 2015 earthquakes and live in the hardest of conditions.





You can sponsor a child in Nepal and give them a future today!

 Why not GIFT a School Scholarship to a friend?

Offering to sponsor a child in Nepal makes a wonderful GIFT for a friend 

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