Sponsoring a Child

At present we aim to sponsor 40 children a year.  The children are selected by the teachers as those most needing help to ensure they stay in school as they are bright, but their parents may not be able to afford to support them.

Would you like to sponsor a Child for just £30 a year?

Some children are sponsored by individuals from when they start school to their completion of the final exams at 16.  If you would like to sponsor a child then we would love to hear from you.

£30 will buy a full uniform and schoolbag for one year for 8 -16 year olds when they take SLC (Senior Leaving Certificate – the equivalent of GCSE.

£60 – Due to request from the Headmaster Laxman, we also now support 16-18 year olds (A level equivalent) £60 per year pays for all books and additional tuition needed to get

£100 will fund tuition cost for 18+ studying for Bachelors Degree at Gorkha Drabya Shah Campus.  This is the first year we will support this scheme.

Its easy to sponsor a child – just see the details on making a donation. If you would like details about sponsoring a specific child throughout their schooling then contact us so we can make arrangements.  We can send you a photo and would aim to give you feedback each year – though this sounds simple it can be difficult but we en devour to follow up progress through our volunteers who spend time in Gorkha.

The appreciation for sponsoring a child is enormous.

children sponsored in 2011

children sponsored in 2011

The pride in going to school, wearing a uniform and gaining some education is genuine and you can so easily help.

See below an email from Madhu at Sensari High School – a rural school devastated by the 2015 earthquake where we currently sponsor 10 children. See what it means to them and what small money can do to help.

Dear Linda
Thank you very much for froviding schoolarship .It is a great work to contribute schoolarship .Some of those students were rescued from the ruined house houses. their legs and were factured . May god bless you because you helped these who got rebirth We are extemly happy There is no bound of happyness .Convey best regards who helped to contribute the fund .We are really owed for you .When will the member your group visit Nepal ? 
Thank you

Sansari School