Instructions to start using online fundraising

If you are unsure how to start the fundraising then just follow this guidance:-

  • When you click the fundraiser link on the front page you will see the GDS mountain range logo
  • Click the support us now button
  • Fill in your name, email and password
  • Install the Find and Remind toolbar’  This means you dont have to remember to do the fundraising thing when you are buying online – it reminds you.  When you are ready to buy it will let you know if the store is part of the fundraising scheme then you just click to activate the donation at time of purchase.

Thats it.  Now you are ready to shop.  When you buy from over 2,000 stores online then the community in Nepal will benefit.  It works like a loyalty card and there is no cost to you.

Why not invite a friend to do the same?  See the link that is offered and send to them via email, Facebook or twitter. When they have raised £10 then the charity will automatically gain an additional £5.00 – again at no cost to you or them.