Medical Electives

The district hospital serves a population of over 280,000 people from around the region, and some families will travel by foot for days to get treatment. Medical elective students here can expect to see a wide range of common and rare infectious and non-infectious diseases, including advanced forms of conditions that would be treated early in Western countries, or congenital conditions not picked up due to lack of antenatal screening.medicalelective 1

Medical Elective students from a number of Universities in the UK and from many other countries have undertaken elective placements in Gorkha through GDS.  This programme was set up in the 1990s through the charity founder Joy Leighton, was run by previous medical elective and former trustee Dr Chiara Taylor, and is now managed by Trustee and former Gorkha resident Geeta Karmacharya.

If you are interested in undertaking a medical placement in a developing country and would like more details then please contact us.