What we do

Over the years the charity has provided assistance to many small projects which include health and hygiene programmes, education and school sponsorship, social welfare concerns, vocational and teacher training plus environment and construction projects notably of community and school toilets, and provision of equipment for the local hospital. More details of the previous projects and achievements may be found in the History of the Charity  An overview of the charity activities is as follows.

Health  The initial focus of the charity in relation to health, was the funding of clinics for women and babies which were held monthly in five rural locations with no other access to health suport. As clinics are now based at the Gorkha hospital then this project is no longer required. Today, training in health and sanitation in schools has become the focus. More recently the women’s group in Gorkha have liaised with the hospital to develop women’s health education for rural women.  Many medical students from the UK and overseas have undertaken their elective placements within the local hospital where strong links have now developed.   GDS has also been able to provide funding for hospital equipment such as oxygen compressors and wheelchairs plus bedding and blankets for the cold winters and more recently PPE and oxygen needed in the COVID crisis.

Occupational therapists (OT) have had some link with the hospital, but more recently, the OT focus is within the school environment and working with disabled children.  .

Education  Over the years many children from the poorest families have been sponsored through the charity to enable them to attend school. Today at least 60 children are sponsored each year by individuals and GDS fundraising and this now includes supporting ‘A’Level studies in school and BSc students at a nearby Campus.  Equipment has been provided including uniforms, books, sports and music equipment. Volunteers are encouraged to help by teaching, and providing general help with English language in the local schools and college.

Community Groups and Projects  Through our sister charity in Nepal GDHEDS (Gorkha Distict Health and Education Development Scheme) we have worked with the local community groups such as the Gorkha Women’s Association (GWA) which was formed through the Charity links and remain key to what we do, Youth Movement for the Environment (TYME) which is no longer active, The Lions Club and the Deaf School. Many community support projects, social programmes and skills and craft based activities have been supported to help the local women and other groups. Representatives of each NGO has been on the GDHEDS committee and through this we have been able to link with the community needs.

Volunteers and Electives  Up to 100 volunteers and medical electives have traveled to Gorkha through the Charity. The medical electives have gained valuable experience in the local hospital in Gorkha, and other volunteers have been involved in some of our many projects over the years, including teaching, health care, and transference of a wide range of skills. More recently, Occupational and SpeachTherapy is being seen as a way we can contribute to a number of situations including support for stroke victims, disabled children,learning needs and prisoners support.

Current projects Today the Charity aims to provide funds for ongoing projects within Gorkha and the surrounding district. For more details see projects