Therapy Volunteers (OT/SLT)

GDS are happy to offer the opportunity for occupational therapists to work alongside the local community in Gorkha and share skills, expertise and appreciation for how occupational therapy can positively impact the lives of the Nepalese people.There are health and education professionals that volunteers can work alongside and help develop their skills where possible but the overall programme will be based on the skills of the volunteer and the working relationships developed within Gorkha.  An open mind and willingness to be creative are essential!

There are currently five known Occupational Therapists in the whole of Nepal and none working in Gorkha and therefore this is clearly a role emerging volunteering project so your occupational therapy experience guides what you can contribute to the community in Gorkha.

Our first OT volunteer in January 2018 was Elise from Australia.  Elise has written an excellent report so please read, (Elise Report ) and from this we can already see the opportunities to help directly in several areas such as stroke rehabilitation and learning disabilities in school, with many other potential areas to develop.

Practicing occupational therapy to meet the demands of a different culture can be challenging but it is positive professional development and adds to your skill set in communication.

GDS strongly encourages volunteers to prioritise the Nepali culture and work collaboratively. In GDS’s experience in working with volunteers, their time not only benefits Nepali people, but their experience alters their lives for the better and stays with them forever.

If you are an OT and are interested in volunteering through GDS then please contact us

We look forward to hearing from you.