How to sponsor a child through GDS

Become a sponsor today and you’ll help boys and girls have equal access to education. By making an annual payment or a one off contribution, you can support children to reach their potential.

Everybody involved with this charity does so voluntarily so every pound you donate goes directly to projects like this in Nepal.  You can be sure you will make a lasting difference

How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

Child sponsorships cost from £30 per year which works out to £2.50 per month or less than 9p per day.

  • £30 per annum for 8-16 year olds taking them up to their SLC (Senior Leaving Certificate – equivalent of GCSE).  Each sponsored child gets the opportunity to go to school with a new school uniform, shoes, school bag, exercise books and stationary items and has access to sanitary education.
  • £60 per annum supports 16-18 year olds (A level equivalent) paying for books and additional tuition.
  • £150 per annum funds tuition costs for 18+ studying for a Bachelor Degree at Gorkha Drabya Shah Campus.

Consider how you might like to help for example how many children and which age group you would like to sponsor,  or you may choose to make a general donation. Please  Contact us then in the message space provided, let us know your request and ensure you provide us with your name, email address, home address (optional) and telephone number (optional).

We will then write to you with details on how you are able to make a payment through an annual Standing Order (preferred option) by BACS bank transfer payment, Paypal where a regular monthly donation is also possible, or a cheque sent directly to GDS.

We will also ask you if you are a UK tax payer and happy for us to claim Gift Aid with your donation.  This ensures that for ever £1.00 donated it is worth £1.25 to GDS which is amazing so help us to maximise your donation.

Any funds received from Gift aid are spent where the need is greatest.

We will aim to provide you with regular updates through our Newsletters 2-3 times a year as well as a specific Annual Review of Sponsored Children.

Please see School Sponsorship Review 2017-18

We THANK YOU in advance for this fantastic gesture to help.