School Sponsorship Review 2017 – 18

School Sponsorship Review 2017-18

We are pleased to be able to present our first specific review and update re the school sponsorship programme.

This provides full explanation of the scholarship programme, news and updates, stories and letters from the children supported and of some of the donors helping.  Lots of pictures too will hopefully let you see how such a small amount of money for one year can make such a difference to the children and families of those supported.

for example

Anita   On her visit in feb 2017 Linda met Anita who was buried in her home as it collapsed so quickly, was rescued by neighbours and is now seen as a miracle girl. Another two girls we sponsor now live in a bamboo or a makeshift galvanised shelter next to their devastated homes.  When will there be the money to rebuild? Not even considered an option at this time.