Projects We Fund

We are involved with a number of projects, in collaboration with our sister charity GDHEDS in Gorkha and a number of these projects have been running for many years. We encourage the local community to priorities where funds are best spent to support the poorest within the community and we encourage volunteers and electives to get involved where possible.

When a new project or a re run of an annual project ( eg school sponsorship) is initiated then a proposal is prepared on a prepared proposal form. The project is agreed in Gorkha, sent to UK and all Trustees will then study, discuss, request further information if required and may suggest modifications.  If approved in UK then funds will be released for the project and evidence usually provided with photographs or volunteer feedback..


Funding of ALL of these projects depends on funds raised in the UK.


To give you some idea of the costs involved in projects and sponsorship possibilities:-

School children sponsorship – School children sponsorship from only £30.00 a year per child will provide books, uniform and any school fees for the year.  Annual updates are sent to donors and photographs and letters may be sent brought back to the UK  by volunteers.

School Hygiene project -The hygiene education programmes cost approximately £200 which provides 10  training sessions on hygiene for a class in a school and each child will get soap, toothbrush and toothpaste and nail clippers for their personal hygiene as well as cleaning equipment for the school.

School Toilet -School toilet project – A project to provide proper toilets in schools which cost approximately £3,000 per school was requested. We requested that at least one third was raised by the school which was through the use of parents labour.  Proper toilets make a massive difference in reducing the risk of the many diseases linked with poor sanitation.

Note, following the destruction of many schools in the 2015 earthquake, school toilets were not prioritised.  The government are now providing toilets in schools – slowly!.

Nurse Sponsorship – Sponsor nurse training for £300.  A complete training course of 15 months will enable the trained nurse to practice in a remote rural village

School Jumpers for children made by local women -aprox £4.00 per jumper.  We have provided jumpers the last two winters notably for the younger chilren in more rural schools who will otherwise shiver in school with no warm clothing.

We would love to develop a knotting programme for the women to make jumpers but this has not yet been taken on board.

Childrens Clinics – Were sponsored for over 10 years at about £500 per year for rural clinics.

These are now undertaken by the Hospital.

If you are interested in supporting a particular project then please contact us for more details.