Over £2,000 from Fundraising Dinners

After discovering a new Nepali restaurant in Chelmsford, Essex in February 2013 and meeting with owner of the Everest Gurkha Bar and Restaurant Harka, then the idea of a fundraising dinner in aid of GDS was pursued.  Lin Blunt, Jan Raven and Naomi Cairns, all previous volunteers to Gorkha and all living near Chelmsford decided on a date in March and worked with Harka to make this happen.  It was the first fundraising event of this kind and so a lot of quick learning for all.  However, the biggest worry turned out to be ‘selling out’ so quickly as three weeks before the event the 100 tickets were sold.

After this success a further dinner was held in September 2014 for another 80 friends of Trustees.IMG_0587

IMG_0572Both of the evenings proved to be hectic but a lovely atmosphere prevailed and no-one was bothered that it was a bit of a tight squeeze.  Harka and staff looked after everyone with a smile and provided an excellent meal which will ensure many of the new comers to the restaurant will return.

at the first event then Rita gave a show of Nepali dancing and music and singing.IMG_0581

A show of pictures of Nepal and Gorkha was shown through out the evening.  Lin gave a presentation about the charity and thanked everyone for their support.  An excellent range of raffle prizes for both evenings enabled Jan to get around the tables to sell draw tickets.








On the first evening Chris Marion joined us as Chris had made great efforts in fundraising in the early 1990s.  In October Nepali Trustees Geeta and Amir traveled from London to join us. We were thrilled that on both occasions charity founder Joy IMG_2407able to join us IMG_0571Each evening raised over £1,000 which is really fantastic.  A big thank you to Harka and staff for all the work and also to everyone who attended.