Aftershocks continue

Two weeks after the earthquake the aftershocks still happen on a regular basis in Gorkha and further damage properties and people live in fear.  Though a small amount of aid has reached Gorkha the people are helping each other in this desperate time. We are so pleased to know that Laxman our charity secretary in Nepal has been working with aid agencies taking them to remote areas to asses damage and deliver aid. A recent email from Laxman (5th May) shows how much they are trying to do for themselves.

The rescue and relief plans going ahead now. People are almost all busy collecting funds from home and aboard and reach to the needy people. many of our charity members are also buy doing so. I have been so busy to visit number of places and get the data to help the agencies to fine the victims and the relief process. I am going to Taple VDC today to distribute tents, blankets, mats and health kits to nearly 700 people with the help of CRS, a religious INGO. Then we go to Namjung and Bungkot VDC in thie same week to distribute because we got the field report recently. ‘