Application for basic family food to help desperate families

Following an online meeting in Gorkha, the committee contacted GDS for support requesting food relief for families.  “Till date, we identified 62 families around only Gorkha municipal areas whom we need to support basic food  items  urgently, and we planned to provide each families at the cost of NRS 4000/-  (£27)

Basic items of food for each family: Rice – 1 sack(30 kg) 1760/-, Mustard oil- 2 liter 640/-, Dal – 4 kg 600/-, Chana – 4 kg 600/-, wheat flour – 4 kg 360/-, salt – 1 packet 40/- .TOTAL COST– NRs 4OOO/-

Per family—-NRs 4000/-  Then for 62 families NRs 4000 × 62 = NRs 248000/- (£1,500)

Transportation cost not included. It will be managed by GDHEDS. Take care well, be safe. With Regards!  From Ram Chandra “.

DONATIONS WELCOME – £27 will support a family for one month. If you would like to donate please make payment to Gorkha Development Scheme – Sort Code 201995   Account Number 10318302  or pay through PayPal