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School Sponsorship presented in remote Barpak

Newly completed School in Barpak

We are so pleased to hear that the first of the sponsorship packages to include school bags, shoes, uniform and school equipment has been presented to ? children at the Himalayan Secondary School, Barpak




Six years ago the remote Himalayan town of Barpak was the centre of Nepal’s devastating earthquake when many of the buildings were demolished. It has taken many years for the school to be rebuilt but at last it is completed and children are now taught in classrooms instead of the temporary corrugated sheds!  

Emergency corrugated classrooms after earthquake of 2015. New building in progress (photo 2017) at last new school is completed.

Sponsorship programmes

 We’re really pleased to say that we have sponsored another 125 children this year. 50:50 male to female split, 13 different schools and the local campus (college). The children are aged 5 (class 1) to 18 (Class 12 – A level equivalent). At each school teachers and headmasters have identified those most in need but showed the most educational promise.  GDHEDS committee will now source uniforms and school supplies. Pictures to follow when the children are presented with these.

Stories of the families helped through GDS funds

To understand the situation in Gorkha we asked our team to let us know more about the families we helped with food supplies and below are some background stories of some families identified by the community for humanitarian help. We must stress that normaly the Nepali people look after those around them but now due to the pandemic everyone is struggling.

  1. Samjhana Oli,a married woman, eloped with another boy carrying her two children, but now her second husband died and she became helpless with 3 children. She has no income to look after her children
  2. Nanda Kumari Basnet 73 yrs age, sick of respiratory problems, lives alone in a cottage, has nobody to look after her. Her  sons and daughters left her making homeless. 
  3. Mithe Sarki, a blind so called dalit old man, has only a brother but he also left him, and he lives alone in a cottage. He has nobody to look after him. 
  4. Dil Maya Kumal, whose husband  left the village at 15 and went to India before marriage, returned home after 45 yrs with wife and a daughter, but he died after a few days of his arrival at Gorkha. His parental lands were already legally owned by others. Now the victims are living in a public building by the help of neighbours.
  5. Dipu Sunar, a critically sick person under medical treatment in hospital, has no money. GODHEDS realized his pains and gave him Rs 6000/- (remaining Rs 3000/- adding by individuals Rs 3000/- more) for the support of his treatment. 
  6. China Pariyar, a young dalit mother of a child, whose husband died unexpectedly, biased by her parents in law, and now living alone with her kid, has nothing to eat and nobody to help. 

Thank you to those in Gorkha and in UK for helping so many people through this difficult time.

125 desperate families given food for one month due to GDS support

Again our amazing team in Gorkha have worked wonders. They requested funds to supply food to 62 families in acute poverty due to covid, we provided funds for 82 families but they have in fact managed to distribute food to 125 families and we thank them all for their efforts and humanity. Below is letter received from Gorkha.

Thank you Linda 

Dear all GDS-UK team.

Here we have distributed food parcel for 125 families containing the food items of cost NRs 2600/- for each families on Monday. Being other more starved families recommended by Municipal authorities we increased the numbers of striken families with the consultation of mayor. The mayor of Gorkha Municipality and  a journalist were with us to cooperate our works the whole day.  The mayor thanked GODHEDS and GDS-UK expressing his gratitude to Linda , Gita, Amir and concerned others for the humanitarian services during pandemic period.

Application for basic family food to help desperate families

Following an online meeting in Gorkha, the committee contacted GDS for support requesting food relief for families.  “Till date, we identified 62 families around only Gorkha municipal areas whom we need to support basic food  items  urgently, and we planned to provide each families at the cost of NRS 4000/-  (£27)

Basic items of food for each family: Rice – 1 sack(30 kg) 1760/-, Mustard oil- 2 liter 640/-, Dal – 4 kg 600/-, Chana – 4 kg 600/-, wheat flour – 4 kg 360/-, salt – 1 packet 40/- .TOTAL COST– NRs 4OOO/-

Per family—-NRs 4000/-  Then for 62 families NRs 4000 × 62 = NRs 248000/- (£1,500)

Transportation cost not included. It will be managed by GDHEDS. Take care well, be safe. With Regards!  From Ram Chandra “.

DONATIONS WELCOME – £27 will support a family for one month. If you would like to donate please make payment to Gorkha Development Scheme – Sort Code 201995   Account Number 10318302  or pay through PayPal