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Aidan and Caroline Warlow arrive in Gorkha

Aidan Warlow taught in the UK and in Nepal for many years, has written many articles and books on education and most recently ‘Better Classroom Better Learning’ which is specifically to enhance teaching in Nepal.  Aidan is an active member of BRANNGO and recently suggested he was interested in volunteering through GDS.

After Linda met with Aidan at home in Penrith then plans developed for their trip and very pleased to say they have now arrived in Gorkha and were welcomed by GDHEDS committee. There is a busy programme planned so will be lots of updates

Sarah’s Medical Elective placement in Gorkha

Sarah Dowsell undertook her 6 week Elective placement through GDS in August. Though conditions were difficult with the Gorkha hospital in a state of demolition, Sarah spent her mornings at clinics on site and the rest of the day at a private hospital Apollo who kindly hosted her. She also took part in teacher training and school hygiene programmes,  helped with a local school scout group and immersed herself into family life and culture of Gorkha.  Read more of her experience in Sarah Report_

If you are interested in applying for our Elective programme in Gorkha please contact us

Fionas WONDERFUL fundraising

In May we wrote about Fiona’s experiences volunteering through GDS. Fiona was able to inspire many teachers of the youngest children in Gorkha to develop simple learning materials and help the children have ‘fun’ in their learning in what was otherwise grey, empty classrooms.

As well as this contribution, Fiona and her husband Ian have collected and donated materials for future use and found WONDERFUL.ORG as a fundraising page for GDS. Fiona said we would never have raised as much money or awareness as we have without friends and family and especially her  Sister Heather Haines. Heather was so moved by Fionas stories about her Gorkha experience that she too took to fundraising with sponsored walks throughout August (see pictures below) and gained tremendous support from her colleagues at One Dyas in both Norwich and Amsterdam as well as family and friends.   

Heather’s fundraising walk

We are thrilled and astounded to see the total raised to date is now £1607.55 to include Gift Aid – and Fiona already has more fundraising opportunities lined up!   


ALL of this money will go directly towards projects in Gorkha especially towards the children and learning as requested by Fiona.

A MASSIVE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE. We in UK and our team in Gorkha cannot thank you enough Fiona and family and we hope you will be able to return to the friends you made in Gorkha and see the progress of projects you funded.


Elective Sarah completes her successful experience in Gorkha

Sarah Dowsell has spent nearly 6 weeks in Gorkha living with a local family, working in 2 local hospitals, attending a rural teachers training programme and also a school hygiene programme, as well as attending GDHEDS meetings and meeting with Trustees Geeta and Amir from UK.

It has been a busy programme though uncertain to start as the Gorkha hospital was demolished earlier this year following damage from the 2015 earthquake! Even so makeshift clinics continued each morning and then Sarah attended the private Apollo Hospital where she was welcomed for afternoon and evenings.

Such positive feedback from Sarah and thanks to all in Gorkha who made her trip so special Why not support Sarahs fundraising through – ALL money raised goes to Gorkha.


Teacher Training programme funded in the remote area of Barpak

Our team and volunteers traveled the long journey on unmade roads to Barpak which has now been rebuilt since it was devasteted as the epicentre of the 2015 earthquake.  They all took part in a teacher training programme for teachers gathered from local remote government schools.
Teacher trainer and GDHEDS Vice Chair Laxman was joined by volunteers Linda and Trisha and GDS trustee Naomi. The wonderful programme included interactive games and songs for the teachers to take back to their own classrooms and encourage stimulated and active learning practices.
As always Laxman was an incredible trainer getting everybody engaged.