Covid, lockdown and start of monsoon bring more distress for families.

The long lasting and severe lockdown in Nepal is having a devastating impact on labourers and their families. Wages are paid on a daily basis when they work and currently no work so no money! 

Our committee in Gorkha was made aware of the unfolding tragedy of starving families through  local social workers, journalists, local authorities and some health activists.  Chair Ram Chandra said “they told us about starvation problem to some families of the labourers and working class people who lost their daily wages and are seriously starved due to continuous lockdown by government and local authorities. Then, we GDHEDS members studied ourselves about their lives and condition, and felt that they need some basic food items for their livelihood” 

GDHEDS  could not meet due to restrictions so for the first time they managed to arrange a  virtual meeting on Viber to discuss possible help.

Vibre meeting shows Laxman, Ram Chandra, Yong Kumar, Kalpana, Sarita and Sital from GDHEDS Gorkha.

DONATIONS WELCOME – £27 will support a family for one month. If you would like to donate please make payment to Gorkha Development Scheme – Sort Code 201995   Account Number 10318302  or pay through PayPal