First 100 tents bought- -Thank you

We are so pleased to receive email from Laxman in Gorkha today (see below). Now we know they are safe after latest earthquake and the first 100 tents have been purchased by GDS. Next focus is to try to source and fund large tents to be used as classrooms. THANK YOU for all donations.

Dear Linda and All,

Thanks a lot for your concern. We are all safe here in the second quake because the epicenter of the second quake is far from Gorkha.  Though live is excellent, the already cracked and bending houses are going to fall and people are in terrible risk.  Since the second quake, we started to go under the tarpaulins in the school grounds. The same is happening as it was during the first  quake.People are terrific as they were during the past. The government decided to add 15 days holiday in the schools from tomorrow.

The second thing is that we bought 100 tents/tarpaulins and distributed to the needy people. I didn’t have photographs but hope Yung and Badri might have done that. Please hope to submit the photos and list of relief takers to GDS if possible.  I wish if we could have family tents that might occupy 5-7 members of our family. They are impossible to be in Nepal at that time. Even we can get the various size tents for the schools too, we can start schools the soonest.  I am myself in urgency of looking for the tents that might cover 40-55 people to work as a class room. That is to be 10 or more tents.

I will be thankful if I get it.  Laxmann