Five machines distributed to help save lives in Covid Crisis

Just ONE WEEK after receiving the request from the hospital we are thrilled to announce that on 1st June the oxygen concentrators were presented to Gorkha Hospital. This was big news for the town and even in the crisis, the Mayor and journalists were allowed to attend the special handover. 

It was exceptional teamwork in Gorkha which has allowed this to happen and of course the technology which allows for easy communication with us in the UK, plus of course funds provided by our friends and supporters in the UK.

In the distribution programme, the Mayor of Gorkha Municipality, Bhimsenthapa Rural Municipality, ward chair of Shaheed Lakhan RM, journalists, Godheds executives-Sarita, Ram Chandra, Shital Maskey, Yong Kumar and Laxman. 

The Medical Superintendent and the senior doctors were all present on the occasion.