Fundraising is of course a critical part of any charity and for over 30 years the relatively small amounts raised each year in the UK have been used to fund a great many projects which support those most in need in the community of Gorkha . With a high level of transparency, we can be sure that all funds available are used effectively and efficiently without charity running costs and staff wages. 

ALL money raised goes directly to the projects in Gorkha.

GDS is a group of 5 Trustees. We are busy working people who in our free time run the charity as volunteers as well as fund raise to do what we can for the very wonderful, but less fortunate people of Nepal . GDHEDS in Gorkha, also work voluntarily to initiate and manage projects for which we are truly grateful. Any additional help and support is therefore greatly appreciated. 

Current sources of Funds

Our fundraising efforts continue to be through a wide range of events and personal efforts by Trustees, Volunteers, friends and strangers.

  • Regular events such as Quiz Nights, Garden Opens, Fundraising Nepali Dinner, 
  • Presentations of Horticulture and Charity Talks
  • Sale of Plants, Christmas Wreaths, Jams and Chutney.
  • Other funds have been raised via Triathlon, Mountain walk, Work dress down days, Raffles, non Christmas cards, Christening Gift, Birthday Gift, etc
  • Donations from friends and stranger both small and very generous.
  • Annual or monthly Direct Debit donations to support School Sponsorship and other projects
  • In addition, the guidance and support offered by GDS and GDHEDS to each Volunteer also results in donations towards projects and homestay in Gorkha.