Hygiene programme for remote village a success

hygiene Sept 2016 (14)

A message received from Sarita today shows the success of the latest hygiene programme in a very poor and remote part of Gorkha District.

Sarita wrote ‘We tried to totally change to students but not easy in this areas students are so poor in hygiene we feel 50 percentages change we also add some parents in our final day teacher also will take regular class may be it will change . We also use social mobilized she ask she will take her hygiene class. 

Thank you for your help students,school staffs and parents are so happy from this programme.

hygiene Sept 2016 (11)
Hygiene Programmes usually run at Schools around the town of Gorkha with a couple of hours each week for 12 weeks.  However, as it was a 3 hour journey to reach Ghachok village then it was held on two blocks of full days and parents and teachers also became involved which is tremendous.
Our aim will be to help further in this village if we can.