Hygiene Programme report and costs

We were happy to recieve email from Sarita who runs the hygiene programme which gives detail of classes and costs of recent programme in remote district.  They worked hard to keep the costs down and so all of this happened for a total of £250 which is amazing value.




Dear  Linda
We finished Hygiene Programme in Praja Joyti  Primary school in Jhyalchok VDC. 6 Gorkha . There are 45 students in our class. There are 12 classes . each class time is one hour . For this classes me and Kalpana went There 3 times and took 6 classes . for Other classes we used social mobilizer Bipana Wagle, We asked her what classes she can take after then we gave 6 classes for her.
We went there to run hygiene programme in first day, after programme we visited village ,family we found very poor hygiene in houses and environment  so  we added some parents in our class that was so effective. In our hygiene class we use same areas women Pabitra Chepang  for helper.We feel 50 percentage  changes in students they did not changes totally because the parents are un educated , they have 4/5 children ,water problem  problem etc.
In this hygiene classes the classes we gave were:-
1. Test oral, written and observation
2. Personal Hygiene
3 .Home and  Environment sanitation
4 .Hand Washing
5. Diarrhoea   Method of making jibanjal
6. Water Purification
7. How to stool come to mouth
8 .Dust management
9. Nutrition
10. Toilet
11. communicable diseases
12. Final Test

In this programme the expenditure are following
1. students Materials Rs 19300/- – toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, nailbrush etc as seen in photograph above
2 . For school Materials Rs 6000/- waste bins, toilet cleaner and brushes etc
3. Bus fair 3 times for two members  ( 180*2 =360 )*3=1080/-
4 .Home stay 2* 3*300= 1800/-
5. Porter charge Rs 1000/-(reduced as we some students helped carry materials.
6. Trainer cost  Rs 6000/-
7. Helper Cost  Rs 2400/-
8. stationary Rs 540/-
total expenditure 38120/-  Approximately £250.00 total

please ask me if i need to write other and give me advice .
Thank you for your help and suggestion.
Best regards
Sarita Aryal