Laxman’s Story

Laxman is the Headmaster of the Shree Mahendra Jyotti School which is a very poor government school we have worked with and have sponsored 40 children at the school for many years. Also, lots of volunteers have spent time at the school and all have praised Laxman.  A very hardworking, kind intelligent man who is also the Secretary and very key communicator of the charity. He has sent an email since the earthquake which is a hard read especially for those of us who know him so well. I spent time with him in November, and Olivia and Zoe 6 weeks in February /March. However, it gives us an insight into the tragedy and suffering. Any money raised will go directly to these people. Laxman has written  more than 80% local livings are destroyed—- My son was so terrified that I had to sleep with him whole night putting him on my lap. We had nothing to eat and no homes to sleep all the night. The only worship of ours was to stop the quake and the possible rain. The quaking continued for about 75 times within 24 hours. The communication was cut. No electricity, no security and many things no except the terrific blow and the fear. I couldn’t go out of the ground that night. Next morning, 26th April, I met many people in the same condition—–  Read the full letter Laxman email 29th April 2015