Letter from hotel manager Bishnu

Bishnu is a friend of the charity who manages a hotel in Gorkha. Bishnu very kindly has allowed use of wifi and showers if needed even when volunteers staying with host families. He wrote today reiterating the incredibly difficult situation which so many people are suffering.

Namaste Linda from Gorkha!
Thank you very much for your email and sorry for late reply.
Really, Earthquake has become a cost for Central Nepal especially Gorkha as a epic point. Gorkha’s especially in village area has totally destroyed and landslide is also occurring recently. For Nepalese now we are in the entry of monsoon season which will be destructive for us. No one has been able to reach most of the village area of Gorkha because village only muddy road transport and walking path has also been destroyed.

Our village home’s of every staff has also been destroyed. Hotel Gurkha Inn has also got some cracked. Everyone is in problem. All of our family are outside in the Pal (Nepali Tent). At least we are happy we all are safe up to now. No any Help from the Government has been arrived even in near headquarters of Gorkha. No any food and shelter. Everyone is in great problem.

Nice to know that you have raise a fund for us. You can help us through any medium. Please let me know how you want to Help Nepal.
Thank you!
With Best Regard
Bishnu Regmi
Hotel manager