Lockdown returns to Gorkha

As we all become aware of the increasing Covid crisis in India then so have our concerns for all in neighboring Nepal.  We have just received the latest news from Laxman in Gorkha. 

Good evening Linda and respected all

Hope everyone is fine with good health. As Linda worries, I am also worried about the crucial condition here. Many cases are found daily. More than 70 people including school children got covid positive in my working circumstances. The office is open and we have to provide service daily. As media says, Gorkha municipality is going to be in a strong lockdown from tomorrow. So, we must prepare ourselves first. Market has jumped its price in daily supplies. 100% Cost increased in most of the kitchen items. Anyway, we must eat and to pray for everything being safe. Thank you all specially Linda for your kind note. With warm wishes, Laxman.

Certainly our thoughts and prayers are with our friends as they face yet more covid pressures.