Message of Thanks from Gorkha

We would like to share a letter from Laxman which explains what was bought and shows the excitement and thanks for the small help we have been able to provide in this global crisis.

Dear Linda and GDS

It’s our immense pleasure to inform and thank you a lot for the successful completion of our hospital project so early. We completed everything today!!! Really excited to share the distribution report.

We handed over five Oxygen concentrator machines as below:

  1. a) 10litr/minute Big one – 2 pieces to Gorkha hospital
  2. b) 10litr/minute Big one – 1 piece to Isolation centre of Gorkha Municipality
  3. c) 5litr/minute Small one-  1 piece to Isolation centre of Saheed Laakhan Rural Municipality Bunkot
  4. d)  5litr/minute Small one-  1 piece to Isolation centre of Bhimsen Thapa Rural Municipality Khanchowk

Similarly, we distributed non breather mask for the patients of Gorkha hospital and oxygen masks 100 pieces to the five concentrators that included Oxymeters.

The Mayor, Medical Superintendent and Doctor  thanked GDS and Gdheds Gorkha for the kind contribution and promised to use them from today.

I have sent the photographs of the distribution programme in your vibre hoping that you will share it to the GDS community there.

 We wish you all a healthy stay and thank you all for the kind emergency support to Gorkha people.

Thank you all once again.