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GDS Newsletter 14 February 2022 provides an overview of 2021 covering covid and GDS contributions to help Gorkha hospital and most vulnerable. Welcome to the new committee in Gorkha and fundraising update with more reminiscences from Trustee Geeta.

GDS Newsletter 13 February 2021 – an update on the Covid situation in Gorkha and some great news re sponsorship of 124 children in school and college. Geeta reminiscence of Gorkha in 1990′

GDS Newsletter 12 August 2020 – notes the changing world since Covid with an update on situation in Gorkha. Developments in Teacher Training programme and volunteer Aiden, successful Women’s Health programme and fundraising continues despite Covid.

GDS Newsletter 11 February 2020 – Celebrates 70 projects funded since 2015 together with updates on projects, volunteer Sarah, visits by GDS committee to Gorkha  and funding notably former Fiona fabulous effforts

Newsletter 10 June 2019 – With 5 volunteers in Gorkha so far this year, the role of the volunteer over the last 20 years is celebrated as well as update on fundraising and projects in Gorkha

GDS Newsletter 9– November 2018 – overview of fundraising for the year, 3 volunteers in Gorkha and many projects funded – Teacher Training and cardio equipment for the hospital.

GDS Newsletter 8 – November 2017 project spending, Volunteer Richard and teacher training

GDS Newsletter 7 – June 2017 – Linda Blunts visit and Gorkha update, fundraising through Gardens Open and Naomi’s Triathlon

GDS Newsletter 6– February 2017 – hygiene projects and winter jumpers, recent fundraising and quiz evening.

GDS Newsletter 5 – June 2016 – £10,000 spent, Full review of all programmes funded since earthquake 

GDS newsletter 4– November 2015 –  Review of how the money from fundraising appeal is being spent in Gorkha

GDS newsletter 3 – July 2015  – Earthquake Appeal update and further fundraising  

GDS newsletter 2 – April 2015  Earthquake Disaster Appeal

GDS newsletter 1 – September 2014  – Welcome to GDS and Trustees, Fundraising Efforts.