Occupation Therapist opportunity help Children with physical disabilities and severe intellectual impairments

Post 4  – Elise Kearle – At the Mahendra Jyoti Secondary School I met the children with disabilities in the room where they lived and studied (the learning support classroom). The perception of people with disabilities in Nepal is very different and it was very much a shock and was very difficult to see

My main objective was to gather as much information as possible on the children for GDS, such as what disability or impairment they may have, to give a future volunteer an idea and prompt them to think of a few resources they could take with them on their visit. Once again with the help of Sarita I spent time interviewing children and was able to begin to understand what each child was like and where they difficulties were likely to be.

The teacher of the learning support classroom also told me how she thought I would stay for a long time and show her ways she can better teach the students and it was so incredibly encouraging to hear her say this. I don’t think there is a better indicator that change is possible than to have the person responsible for teaching these children outwardly express a willingness to learn and improve her skills.

More than anything I hope there is someone in the near future who is able to go over there and help these kids, and improve their quality of life.