Occupational Therapist works with Health and Hygiene programmes

Post 3 – Elise Kearle –   FULL REPORT Through GWA and the hospital I was also able to attend a Women’s Hygiene class. Lead by Dr. Anamika Karna, the class aimed to provide education to women regarding newborn health as well as women’s prolapse prevention. Women actively stood up and asked questions in front of other women and everyone listened eagerly to each response, which really demonstrated to me how the women attending the class were truly interested in educating themselves in this area, which is absolutely fantastic.

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I was also lucky enough to accompany Sarita to the rural community of Bungkot, where GWA members conducted a hygiene class with primary school students at a local school where the children actively engaged in learning about personal hygiene. When asked ‘who brushed their teeth this morning?’ only about half the students put their hands up. I think having teachers attend the class as they did, who can carry on the education to future classes and is by far the most sustainable way to run this sort of program