Our thoughts with all in Nepal

Following the earthquake yesterday, the Trustees and Volunteers of GDS would like to thank friends for thoughts and good wishes for those in Nepal. Everyone who has traveled to Nepal has been affected so much by the kindness, generosity and just the way of life of the Nepali people.  This is why the charity started and this is why volunteers continue to be involved after they return. It is therefore with great sadness to hear and see the plight of these lovely people. Our aim is now to help in some small way, guided by the people of GDHEDS Gorkha whom we have worked with over many years.

Best wishes to Geeta and Amirs family in Kathmandu and Gorkha, to Purasotum and family (founder) Badri, Sarita and all in GWA and homestay families, Laxman and all at the schools we have worked with and all friends in Gorkha. Our thoughts are with you.

Linda Blunt