Parboti’s Story

I met Paboti as a gorgeous little girl in my class when I first went to Gorkha as a volunteer in 1997. She is now a lovely young woman, married, her husband works overseas as do many young Nepali, and she lives in a single room with her wonderful hard working Mother Lila and teaches at a school for the poorest lower cast children. She has kept in touch over all these years and has been a good friend to volunteers, even staying with Naomi in hospital when she was ill.  These are the heartbreaking messages we are just receiving,

Hi Linda.We are safe.My mothers house is fully destructed.My two sisters house is also destructed.But nothing is more precious than also we felt some tremour of earthquakes.we r living in is so windy n raining today.Nature is crying with Nepal

Hi Linda. Yes the house we went for dinner is my one sisters house.It is destructed .It is mud and stone house.Its partly destructed so.My sisters family are living in others house for now.It has to be destructed fully otherwise cant live there.
My next sisters house is fully destructed and my mom’s house too. The house where i live is not affected.
In Gorkha most mud and wooden house is totally destructed.In tv only news is broadcasted focusing Kathmandu but in Gorkha most villages are totally destructed. Even now no rescue.Because its far from headquater.I have share some photos in fb from Gorkha.   My house owners sisters family are all dead 6 people in Kathmandu 
You know Kabita my friend in hostel.Her brothef’s 2 children are also lost i heard today.
many people are lost n rescued many r homeless……… Today also we had tremour…..Life of Nepalese is painful now.