Presentation of school sponsorship programme at Shree Mahendra School

An email from Headmaster Laxman Archarya 11th October 2012

Dear Linda,

I am writing after a long time. I think the activities of GDS U.K. are going well.Today we organized the scholarship distribution program at Mahendra Jyoti Higher Secondary School in the morning. Forty students including Godheds Gorkha Chairman Mr. Purushottam Aryal were present in the program. The two medical students Chelsey and Alister were also present on the occasion.

The chairman of School management committee Mr. Dhruba Joshi chaired the function. The scholarship contained bags, uniforms, shoes copies and essential stationery materials. The scholarship was jointly distributed by Purushottam Aryal, Alister, Chelsey and Dhruba Joshi. I, as a head teacher greeted everyone and introduced Godheds charity. Similarly Alister, the medical student expressed his feelings and thanked everyone who contributed for the charity.

There were forty students on the function who got the scholarship. I have attached some slides of the function to show how the program went on. Hopefully, you all will enjoy it. I hope to have feedback for betterment. I will provide the names of scholars later.

Thank you all for your praiseworthy contribution and hope for the continuation of the program.

Laxman Babu Acharya
Head teacher, Mahendra Jyoti HSS
Secretary, Godheds, Gorkha

Presentation of 40 student scholarship at Shree Mahendra School

Presentation of 40 student scholarship at Shree Mahendra School.