Education Projects

Education is the key to self-reliance and progress in Nepal, and the Nepali people are keen to raise their standards in this field.

Education is in theory provided by the government for all children. However, the reality is that not every family can afford to support their children to go to school.  Though tuition is free for children from 5-16 when they take SLC exams, money is needed for admission fees, exam fees, books, stationery, uniform etc.  Also, in many cases the children are needed at home to look after the younger siblings, or to work in the fields and so may spend very little, if any time in school. Our aim therefore is to support children who are seen as bright and dedicated to their studies but who may be withdrawn from education due to family circumstances.

Teachers themselves may gain very little training before they gain positions as teachers, especially those who remain in rural locations. With an increased thirst for education, parents may send even young children to ‘better’ schools in the larger cities.  In order to reduce this movement of children, there is now a push to raise the education standard in rural areas and GDS aim to help fund programmes which will encourage and inspire young teachers in rural schools and so raise education standards in these areas.