SOUP event at Chelmsford Library

SoupTrustee Linda and Member Olivia had a fantastic evening at the Chelmsford Library SOUP event. Together they pitched to raise funds for a Hygiene Programme. Unfortunately they did not win the money, but had a brilliant time promoting the charity and doing their pitch. Thank you to Chelmsford Library for hosting such an innovative event and allowing us to be a part of it.

What is SOUP?   It’s a simple idea which originated in America and aims to raise funds and awareness for small groups of people working in the community.  Everyone is welcome, pays a donation of aprox £5.00, 3- 4 charities or groups are invited to make a presentation to explain what how they are working or aim to work within the community and why funds are needed – all is just 5 mins and the bell rings! 2 mins of questions follow and after all presentations then there is time for Soup and socialising before everyone votes for their preferred idea. Winner takes all money from the event.  Simple but very effective.