Stories of the families helped through GDS funds

To understand the situation in Gorkha we asked our team to let us know more about the families we helped with food supplies and below are some background stories of some families identified by the community for humanitarian help. We must stress that normaly the Nepali people look after those around them but now due to the pandemic everyone is struggling.

  1. Samjhana Oli,a married woman, eloped with another boy carrying her two children, but now her second husband died and she became helpless with 3 children. She has no income to look after her children
  2. Nanda Kumari Basnet 73 yrs age, sick of respiratory problems, lives alone in a cottage, has nobody to look after her. Her  sons and daughters left her making homeless. 
  3. Mithe Sarki, a blind so called dalit old man, has only a brother but he also left him, and he lives alone in a cottage. He has nobody to look after him. 
  4. Dil Maya Kumal, whose husband  left the village at 15 and went to India before marriage, returned home after 45 yrs with wife and a daughter, but he died after a few days of his arrival at Gorkha. His parental lands were already legally owned by others. Now the victims are living in a public building by the help of neighbours.
  5. Dipu Sunar, a critically sick person under medical treatment in hospital, has no money. GODHEDS realized his pains and gave him Rs 6000/- (remaining Rs 3000/- adding by individuals Rs 3000/- more) for the support of his treatment. 
  6. China Pariyar, a young dalit mother of a child, whose husband died unexpectedly, biased by her parents in law, and now living alone with her kid, has nothing to eat and nobody to help. 

Thank you to those in Gorkha and in UK for helping so many people through this difficult time.