Teacher Training – a fantastic way to improve education in Rural Schools

Post 5 –  Elise Kearle – I was also able to attend a three-day teacher-training program in the rural community of Siranchowk. Accompanied by Laxman, Ramchandra and Upendra (NELTA) the program aimed to teach teachers of primary school students more effective ways of learning English skills in a way that they would have meaning and benefit to the students. On the final day I was also able to teach everyone ‘The Hokey Pokey’, Its fun, it involves dancing and helps name and identify body parts, so it seemed to be the perfect fit to the theme of the program. Despite the long days of learning, all the teachers made an outstanding effort to remain engaged and ask questions during the course, which I found very impressive, and it was clear that they gained a lot from the experience.

Volunteer involved in training teachers in rural schools to enhance skills and ‘fun’ teaching for the children Learning the hokey kokey!

And that’s a wrap! All in all, my last minute decision to go back to Nepal really paid off with a fantastic trip filled with many new experiences and even more new friends. A big thank you to everyone at GDS, in particular Linda and Zoe for all your help and support in organizing this great experience for me, and to everyone at GDHEDS for making me feel welcome in Gorkha. It’s definitely something I’ll remember for the rest of my life.