The foundation of Gorkha Development Scheme (GDS) was built in 1988 with personal links between UK Trustees and representatives of the local community in Gorkha, Nepal,  resulting in registered charities being formed in both the UK and a sister charity in Nepal Gorkha Health and Education Development Scheme (GDHEDS) 

The aim to support local needs and help the poorest in the community in relation to health and education continues.  The initial person-to-person contact remains our strength and is made easier today using technology to aid communication.

All Trustees in the UK and in Nepal work voluntarily with minimal costs allocated. We seek to ensure all financial transactions are transparent, and work to ensure that all donations are valued and used wisely to provide greatest effect for the benefit of many, whilst also considering sustainability of all projects

Both GDS and GDHEDS members work voluntarily 

ALL money raised goes directly to fund projects in Gorkha.

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Volunteer Policy

From its inception, volunteers have been welcomed to Gorkha to support projects in health and education. Working closely with GDHEDS we aim to identify specific skills where volunteer support may offer benefits, and work closely with potential volunteers to complete a process of application and guidance prior to departure. Local homestay arrangements are made within approved host families, and support is available through GDHEDS committee and GDS in the UK. All funds provided through volunteer placements are used to fund local projects.  See more under Volunteering in Gorkha through GDS. The values of both GDS and GDHEDS to include Ethical Volunteering are considered within this process. We require any person who is looking to support us by undertaking any period in Nepal to sign our Volunteer Agreement. 


We have considered safeguarding throughout our policies aiming to prevent concerns arising and to ensure all involved are made aware of their responsibilities.

Safeguarding will consider all who may be involved in any way with the charity:-

  • Beneficiaries – all who benefit from GDS projects
  • GDS Trustees and partner agencies in Gorkha to include GDHEDS and GWA 
  • Volunteers who visit Nepal and contribute to programmes.  
  • Donors who support fundraising and make financial contributions

GDS have in place a number of policies which relate to Safeguarding to include those mentioned earlier Volunteering in Gorkha through GDS and Ethical Volunteering. Volunteers are also provided with other guidance documents to include ‘Guidance for Volunteers’,  ‘Gorkha Homestay Guidance’. 

 ‘GDHEDS feedback on Volunteers’ helps identify any issues in order to prevent future concerns  when volunteers are in the field.

Trustees and  Volunteers working in the field are asked to adhere to our ‘Code of Conduct – Working with Children and Vulnerable Adults’

Conflicts of Interest

Trustees are asked to declare any conflict of interest with their role as a GDS Trustee. Trustees and Volunteers should respect individuals beliefs  when working in the field and avoid intervention in political and religious concerns. 

Partner Due Diligence

GDS is registered with the Charity Commission of England and Wales  Charity Commission  We work with our sister charity GDHEDS in Nepal who are also a registered as a charity through the Ditrict Administration Office.   We  may also work with other local partners to include NGOs and Schools as seen appropriate, but all is agreed through GDHEDS.  We recognise that sometimes standards in emerging countries may not compare to those which we might expect. We take seriously the obligation to conduct due diligence and regular checks on both the financial expenditure as well as the internal governance of those we work with. 


Our policy regarding complaints received is to ensure that they are dealt with fairly and promptly. We view feedback and transparency as essential to furthering our accountability and drive to improve what we do.

We shall make every reasonable effort to investigate all the circumstances of any complaint. We will keep confidential the nature and circumstances of the complaint unless we believe it requires further escalation to authorities for any reasonable and legitimate reason. We will also report back to you as soon as we practicably can do so.

If you wish to make a complaint, please do so by writing Trustees of GDS at