Volunteer Richard immersed in the Gorkha Community

Richard arrived in Gorkha in early May to spend 6 weeks as a volunteer. Following a trekking trip in the Annapurna Range, he quickly settled in with his homestay family – the first overseas visitor they have had, and is really made to feel at home. An early committee meeting meant he met all of our team. Hes now working at two schools, visited the hospital, rural village, women’s group, Lions Club, local festival, helped organise applications for funding to UK , witnessed a local election they have anticipated for 20 years, made lots of friends and played lots of cricket! phew!

A small extract from his writing to us is below.

10th May – And the day wasn’t over! Then I joined the Gorkha Women’s Association meeting at my house. Sarita explained that they will make a proposal to GDS to start a new programme on 2nd June at a school that has requested their assistance. I have offered to help with the proposal in any way I can.
Finally – two of ‘my sister’s’ cousins have come to stay and so we had a lovely party all sat round on the floor with snacks last night. The laughing continues; my Nepali improving all the time. Then off to bed with the sound of the biggest thunderstorm I have ever seen/heard in my life. We’ve had many thunderstorms already here but this time the flashing was almost constant and the booms echoed deep into the valley and shook both me and the house with the same vibration you experience in your bones and chest when at a music festival. I loved it! But the gecko sharing my room squealed at the first really loud boom!