Volunteer Zoe returns to Gorkha

zoeI was happy to see the roads in good condition on my journey to Gorkha but not so happy as I looked out the bus window seeing some of the beautiful clay, stone and concrete houses crumbled into piles of rubble. Bright orange and blue plastic was a common sight which was either being used as tents or roofs by local people.

As I walked along my original  home stay street seeing so many houses that are now only one storey instead of three, now with CGI roofing instead of tiles or in the process of being demolished was difficult to see. —  It felt like yesterday that I saw my old home stay family, even though four months had passed they welcomed me back into their home like family.

— Listening to many earthquake stories was emotional yet inspiring. I will cherish their kindness,generosity and good humour and cannot wait to visit them again. There certainly is something special about Nepali people that I am yet to experience elsewhere. Namaste Nepal.see full report