Up to 100 volunteers and medical electives have traveled to Gorkha through Gorkha Development Scheme (GDS).  Medical Electives have gained valuable experience in the local hospital in Gorkha, other volunteers have been involved in some of our many projects over the years, including teaching, health care, and transference of a wide range of skills. Each volunteer has also gained from integrating into the Gorkha community and developing very special friendships, especially with homestay families.

Current volunteering opportunities:-

  • Medical students may undertaken their elective at the local hospital in Gorkha. 
  • Teachers and those with education and training experience are needed to work with teaching staff to improve the educational experience of both students and teachers.
  • Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Therapists with child development experience would be useful in supporting Nepali teaching staff with encouraging an enriching educational experience.
  • Many trades and skills are transferable and we welcome all those who have skills or experience that may be used to help the people of Gorkha. 
  • An open mind, empathy and willingness to be adaptable are essential!

After initial contact with us, we will agree on the appropriate timing for your visit and try to identify where your skills may be of help to the community. This may be helping in one of the schools or colleges, or helping with specific projects. The programme will remain flexible so that volunteers can get to know people and to help where they feel most comfortable.

Through our contacts we can help to arrange accommodation with a family or in a hotel in the town.

We are able to provide guidance to help you prepare for your trip to Nepal and your experience in Gorkha, including lots of tips and advice – much of which has come from previous volunteers so your feedback upon return is always helpful.

Volunteers are encouraged to attend meetings with our sister charity GDHEDS on arrival in Gorkha. They are welcomed to take part in discussions to help progress communication on projects where possible.

Though technology has enhanced the relations between UK and Nepal, there are still limitations and difficulties in running our charities due to the distance between us, so volunteers play a vital link in aiding the communication between the GDS in the UK and GDHEDS in Gorkha.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer then please contact us.